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Debbie Davis

Massage Therapy

Debbie DavisA resident of Siskiyou County since 1977, and a massage practitioner at Stewart Mineral Springs since 1999, Debbie brings to the massage staff an exquisite variety of techniques to embrace both eastern and western approach to the body mind and soul.

Depending on her client's personal needs, her massage combines elements of deep tissue, soft tissue, Swedish, Reiki, Shiatsu energy blockage release, British Sports Therapy, myofascial release and the power of magnetic energy. Stress and tension are released at a cellular level, bringing your physical and emotional selves into a state of balance.

Specialty Massage: (extra fees) Raindrop Therapy and Hot Stone Massage

Relaxing, energizing and deeply restorative. Perfect anytime of year.

Please call (530) 938-2222 to make an appointment.

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