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Jennifer Tibbitts

Massage Therapy and Energy Work

Jennifer Tibbits Massage TherapistJennifer Tibbitts graduated from the Swedish Institute School of Health Sciences in New York City in 2003 with an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy and Five Element Shiatsu. She received additional training and six years of experience as a Therapist at a Luxury Hotel Spa near Central Park in New York.

In 2005, Jennifer felt a calling to go deeper and began formally studying Energy Medicine with the Four Winds Society at Kripalu in Massachusetts. After three years of training and practice, she received a certificate in energy medicine. She continued her Shamanic studies going twice to the Amazon Jungle to learn and heal with the Shipibo Shamans and, in 2010, she moved to Mt. Shasta to retreat and assimilate. There, she discovered a way to combine her skills in massage therapy with her growing understanding of energy work. For the last 16 years Jennifer has focused both her personal and professional life on the healing process. What she offers is a result of this work weaving together education, wisdom, intuition, meditation, empathic skills, and unearthed gifts as a service provider.

Please call (530) 938-2222 to make an appointment.

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